American contemporary artist, Daniel Arsham, has created a special edition for the American Friends of Museums in Israel. The ease with which the artist crosses different mediums redefines what it means to be an artist in the 21st century.


In this special edition, Fictional Nonfiction: Archaeology, Arsham's amalgam of art, architecture and design, and his interplay of past, present and future, create a new work of art in the form of an eroding printed book.


Each edition comes in sealed, custom Arsham Studio packaging containing art handling gloves, the fictional cast book, and the numbered holographic authentication label creating a unifying experience from the moment one sees the package, opens it and views its contents.



Daniel Arsham

Fictional Nonfiction: Archaeology, 2019

Plaster, crushed glass in custom packaging

Cast: 8 x 5 x ½ in.

Edition of 500



For sale on, Tuesday, August 27th - 12pm EST.