Tower of David Jerusalem Museum, Jerusalem

Eilat Lieber, Director & Chief Curator


From its prominent location adjacent to the Jaffa Gate at the entrance to the Old City, the Tower of David Jerusalem Museum is a leading international museum as well as a national heritage site containing significant archaeological finds dating back 3,000 years. Since its inception over thirty years ago, the Tower of David Jerusalem Museum has evolved into a dynamic center of cultural life in Jerusalem, welcoming over 500,000 visitors a year from around the world.


The Museum is unique among cultural institutions in that it is the only museum in the world that tells Jerusalem's full story. Spread over 2.5 acres, the Museum explains the significance of Jerusalem as the timeless capital of the Jewish people as well as a city that is holy and significant to three faiths. In addition to outstanding exhibitions and educational programs, the Museum’s world-renowned Night Spectacular tells that story in unique ways. Offering a multi-sensory sound and light presentation of the history of Jerusalem, giant, breathtaking images are projected onto the Citadel walls creating a virtual reality that envelops the audience with music and art.

The Museum has embarked upon a $50 million renewal and conservation project that will preserve and conserve the citadel and the archaeological treasures within its walls. The current area of the Museum will be doubled and for the first time the site will be made physically accessible through the use of elevators. A brand-new core exhibition will utilize advanced technologies that will present the history of Jerusalem in new and exciting ways, complementing its traditional exhibitions and its display of original artifacts.


The Tower of David Jerusalem Museum is committed to telling the story of the city by weaving the legacy of the past with the culture and art of today. The Museum will provide a contemporary platform for artistic expression with changing exhibitions and curated cultural events. A new, 2 floor entrance pavilion with a large and architecturally unique, contemporary gallery will showcase the art and culture of Jerusalem.

The new galleries and exhibition spaces will inspire the development of learning and creative activities for both children and adults. The curatorial and education teams at the Museum will tap into this synergy, creating new programming aimed at serving underserved populations including young people, minority populations, people with disabilities and those from the socio-economic periphery as well as the millions of local and foreign visitors who come to the Museum.

The renewed Tower of David Jerusalem Museum will open in March 2023.